Professional landscape photography is emotive and captivating.This is a must for Government, Councils
and the tourism industry.


When I am not shooting landscapes for clients, I am doing it out of sheer joy. Those examples are available to purchase at Bluethumb:

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Shooting Real Estate in South Gippsland.


Sooting sharp, well exposed imagery for Real Estate is imperative.
The camera is not able to see what the eye does, so well
bracketed images along with studio strobe lighting (where
necessary) is crucial to presenting properties in the best light.


Drone stills can be viewed further down this page,
drone footage can be seen on the Video page.

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Photographing people in places.


Framing the scene and capturing the moment takes patience and a keen eye.


I have shot a lot of lifestyle imagery, mostly for Councils and Government. These images tell a story by capturing a moment in time, giving my clients a powerful tool to showcase the beauty of the areas people live in. It also provides an engaging way of showcasing services provided.



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Drone photography, providing a different angle.


Drone stills provide a unique perspective, allowing you to show the surrounding area, which is very useful for properties or businesses

that are located in beautiful locations, such as the image below in Metung.

For real estate, aerial photography not only provides a birds eye view,

which is very useful with larger properties, but also provides

a better angle where houses are on a steep hill.



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Photographing your building in the best possible light is a must.


Shooting city and urban buildings and surrounds is a delight for
me, looking for interesting angles, the use of light and shade, positive
and negative space. Unless I need to shoot wider, I use a Canon 24mm 
tilt shift lens to minimise distortion.


Some of this imagery is personal, some is client work.

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Shooting on location, incorporating the surrounding scene, to corporate head shots. From utilising just ambient light, through to a simple one to two strobe light with softbox setup.

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